Learn why users love AverPoint
AverPoint encourages students to apply metacognition when they read news online and explore unfiltered information in the internet. Easy-to-use features and scaffolded levels guide them to scrutinize content, reflect on what they agree and disagree with, justify beliefs, raise reasonable doubt, and analyze how information triggers emotions. AverPoint has been thoughtfully designed to cultivate skills and dispositions students need to become well-informed and reasoning citizens.
- Philip H. Winne, PhD. Professor Emeritus of Education, Simon Fraser University
AverPoint is an important tool for moving media literacy from an abstract to concrete set of building blocks. It’s made me think more deeply about media literacy and its importance for my students. I’m happiest with the team’s willingness to develop the product in ways that support learning - and incorporate feedback from the educators. Media literacy is constantly evolving, and AverPoint is skilled at adapting.
- Dhavan Shah, Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison
“AverPoint is a 10. It is the only educational technology resource that I use daily.“
- High school teacher, AP US History and AP Government
“Before we adopted AverPoint, we had no way to measure student engagement with texts. We appreciate the quantitative profile for student reading that allows us to better assess their media literacy.“
- High school teacher, information literacy task force
“I am impressed by the timeliness of AverPoint’s solution and the responsiveness of the staff as we refine the user experience for our students.“
- High school teacher, AP Government
“I was pleasantly surprised by the seamlessness between AverPoint Reader and AverPoint Writer. Our students appreciate working within one information ecosystem as they test and refine their line of reasoning for our guiding questions each week.“
- High school teacher, World History
“I would tell someone considering AverPoint to be ambitious about what they expect of their students. I have witnessed great growth over the course of the year and raised my expectations for our girls accordingly.“
- High school teacher, World History and World Religions
“My experience with AverPoint has been inspiring and has given me hope that we can build together a network of communities of accountability.“
- Mr Serge Danielson-Francois, Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
“I rethought my curriculum as a result of my conversations with AverPoint over the last 15 months. I am a better teacher for it.“
- High school teacher, World History and World Religions
“One unexpected benefit from using AverPoint is the identification of core contextualization sources such as World Bank Data.“
- Mr Serge Danielson-Francois, Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
“My favorite feature is AverPoint Writer. I think it encourages students over time to be more strategic in building their Collections in order to be more successful on their weekly synthesis essays.“
- High school teacher, World History and World Religions