How to review a Point.
Product updates
November 14, 2023

The AverPoint Credibility layer lets you review the claims in major newspapers. To review Points, you must be Level 4 on AverPoint, proving that you have have a healthy newsreading diet. Here are the specific steps:

First, the basics

  • Make sure you have the AverPoint extension installed.
  • Click the blue browser button and make sure the setting “show credibility layer on approved news sites” is on.

  1. Now, go to a news article on an approved news site. (The extension's check should turn green.)
  2. Hover over a paragraph. You should see icons appear to the right of the paragraph. 
  3. Read the article for at least 30 seconds. You can’t review a Point until then.
  4. Click the Review icon - the spectacles.
  5. The AverPoint widget should appear. Click the big blue button that says “Review this Point.”
  6. Decide if you think there is sufficient evidence to support the claim.
  7. Add evidence to support or oppose the claim. You can do this two ways
  8. In the add Point box, you can paste the link to your evidence.
  9. You can click “import” and select a Point from your research collections

Here's a video that show you how to Review a Point.