How to measure your newsreading
Product updates
March 24, 2022

The first step on AverPoint is to measure what you read. We can then help you understand your trends, develop healthy information habits, and build media literacy skills. But you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

You can measure your newsreading 5 ways:

1) Browser extension on a computer: If you add the extension to your browser, we can log what you read in the background. We have extensions for the 4 major browsers: Chrome , Safari, Firefox , and Edge .  

2) Brower extension on a phone: Currently, you can add the browser extension to Safari for your mobile phone . Unfortunately, the other browsers don't allow extensions on the phone. (We've built a Firefox extension and it's approved, but there's no way for users to download it.)

3) Email: Send a link to [email protected]

4) App: Share a link to the iPhone or Android app

5) Channel: Click a link in the Channel Page

6) Weekly email: Click a link in your weekly readings