News analytics: A Fitbit for news reading.
Product updates
November 13, 2021

Today, we're announcing our News Analytics feature! Think of it like a Fitbit for news reading. We'll measure what you read in the background, summarize your reading trends, and recommend ways you can consume better information. With more awareness of what you're choosing to read, you can be a more productive individual and more informed citizen.

It's responding to something we're hearing from all corners: people are exhausted by today's news experience. They're constantly reacting to random slices of information: alerts, emails, texts, news feeds, and the drama of cable news. These slices trigger a threat state, paralyzing our minds from learning about complex issues like climate change, semiconductors, or artifical intelligence. We can solve problems staring us in the face, like homelessness and inequality, but only if we can think straight.

Our news analytics helps you add up your newsreading, identify gaps, and more proactively choose what you read. Your information consumption becomes your choice. It energizes you more, and exhausts you less. 

Here's how it works...

Every week, you'll get a report that summarizes your newsreading. You get a high level snapshot of the sources, topics, and geographies you're reading throughout the day.


As you get a sense of your current state, you can also set reading goals. For example, I realized I was defaulting to the same 2 sources for almost all my news consumption - and have made a goal to read at least 4 different sources a day. We also set community goals. At Level 1, we encourage you to read a high-quality source every day, read a wide range of sources every week, and get a healthy mix of topics and geographies. Once you hit these goals, you advance to Level 2, where you unlock some of AverPoint's more advanced features. (We'll introduce these in a separate post.)


So how do you track your newsreading? You can log your news consumption in 4 ways.

1. When you install our Chrome extension , we log news articles from about 1,800 American and 70 international news sites. It all happens in the background, like wearing a FitBit.

2. You can read articles suggested on your AverPoint Channel. You can access these from the web app or the mobile app. These are our suggestions for the day, based on your newsreading.

3. You can email an article to [email protected] from the email you used to sign up. Just paste the link in the email body.

4. You share an article to our mobile app, just like you share links to Twitter or Facebook.

Give it a try, and let us know how it affects your news reading!